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How is Brothers different from my retail pharmacy?
We specialize in bleeding disorders while taking care of the whole person. Instead of being behind a counter, we can care for you in many ways. (See our Patients section)

Can Brothers be my pharmacy for all my medications?
Yes, because we are both a retail and specialty pharmacy, we can deliver all your medications.

What days and hours is service available? What about emergencies?
Our entire team is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Please call us at 800-291-1089.

How much is my co-pay?
We understand that financial questions are very important to our families and we have experts on our billing team who will give you answers. We also have up to date lists of manufacturer co-pay assistance and other programs for which you may be qualified.

My insurance has a preferred pharmacy; can I still choose Brothers?
Some plans have in-network and out-of-network benefits. Talk to our billing specialists to get answers for your family.

How do you advocate for my needs?
We advocate for your needs with your providers and with insurance company. Our team is also involved in local, state, and national legislation that affects people with bleeding disorders. We will advocate and keep you aware of important changes that may affect your care.

What next steps do I need to take to use Brothers as my pharmacy?
You can call us, talk to your local rep, or reach us here.