Lower your costs with Brothers Healthcare

Learn how Brothers expert patient management can lead to lower costs and improved health outcomes.

Brothers Healthcare provides the on-the-ground care to help patients:  

– Get correct medication and supplies
– Improve adherence
– Coordinate home infusion services, including education and training
– Reach our care team available 24/7
– Reduce hospital stays
– Achieve optimal results

High Touch
This translates to fewer unnecessary medical events and to improved overall health. That mean less costs for you, the payer.

Clinical Conferences
Our expertly trained team members are in regular contact with patients and physicians, monitoring changing health and ensuring best practices as well as introducing newly improved solutions.

Lower costs with Brothers Healthcare

How Brothers Healthcare helps payers

  • In-home patient care helps avoid excessive hospital visits
  • Preventive care means fewer hospitalizations
  • Shorter hospital stays and earlier discharges
  • More available hospital beds
  • Improved adherence

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