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All About You.

You are more than your medical condition. You are a whole person, that’s why as part of your care plan, we’ll discuss how your support system and healthcare team are working to keep you moving forward.

Living with a chronic condition can be difficult. It’s often complicated to manage at each life stage. We are your partner, helping you work through these changes and manage your treatment.

Medical Care and Delivery

  • Coordination of in home nursing care
  • Extensive In home infusion and transition to self infusion training.
  • Education for school nurses and extended family at no cost
  • Concierge delivery of medication and your preferred supplies

Doctor Connection

  • Help you understand your doctor’s instructions and treatment
  • Provide bilingual support

Resources and Education

  • Educate on all bleeding disorders including rare bleeding disorders like Factor 13, GT, Inhibitors, VWD
  • Help get benefits for your family
  • A Social Worker “service care coordinator” to help patients connect with available community resources in times of need. 

Emergency Support

  • Provide access to resources
  • Work with your hospital if you are being treated there
  • Emergency medication delivery 24/7 within southern California and often within 24 hrs to other locations.
  • Manage your order so you don’t run out of medicine

Financial Navigation

  • Billing support specialist
  • Answer questions about cost, co-pay, deductibles, out of pocket max, etc.
  • Coordinate with your insurance about your benefits

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Giving Back

A vital part of our mission is our involvement in the communities we serve, and in the lives of the people that make up those communities. That’s why we aren’t hidden away in remote offices, we are participating in events that matter to you, creating ways to interact and bond together. Facing medical conditions together makes us stronger!

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