All About You.

You are more than your medical condition. You are a whole person, that’s why as part of your care plan, we’ll discuss how your support system and healthcare team are working to keep you moving forward.

Having a chronic condition can be difficult. It’s often complicated to manage at each life stage. We are your partner, helping you work through these changes.

Medical Care and Delivery

  • Coordination of in-home nursing care
  • Expert in-home infusion training
  • Education for school, daycare, and extended family at no cost
  • Concierge delivery of medication and your preferred supplies
  • Help manage your order, so you don’t run out of medicine

Doctor Connection

  • Help you understand your doctor’s instructions and treatment
  • Provide bilingual support
  • Contact doctor for prescription renewal

Resources and Education

  • Education on all bleeding disorders including rare bleeding disorders like Factor 13, GT, Inhibitors, VWD
  • Connect with local and national organizations for support and education

Emergency Support

  • Provide access to resources
  • Work with your hospital during in-patient treatment
  • Emergency medication delivery 24/7 within southern California and often within 24 hours to other locations.

Financial Navigation

  • Billing support specialist
  • Answer questions about cost, co-pay, deductibles, out of pocket max, etc.
  • Coordinate with your insurance about your benefits options

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Brothers Healthcare is proud to offer a scholarship award program for members of the bleeding disorders community. We are honored to help people with bleeding disorders achieve their educational goals.
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